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Our time tracker is an AI-integrated people analytics tool that does more than simple time tracking. Automated and intuitive, it tracks the productivity timeline of employees and measures missed time as well. Plan projects, calculate efficiency, measure KPIs, calculate billable hours and eliminate expense manipulation with Flowace time tracker.

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Determine Productivity Time

Get an overview of which projects and tasks are taking up your team's time and affecting your budget.

Don’t Miss a Single Detail

Our time tracker gives a bird’s eye view of dashboard, analytics and timesheet tracking that ensures you know who is up to what at all times.

Visualize Team Productivity

Picture how an entire team works together. Check out shortcomings and positive points and ensure proper planning for boosting maximum productivity.

Get More Done with Data

Flowace reports and data can be exported and downloaded into your existing reporting tools easily. Plan, work and do more work in the designated time.

Manage Expenses

Insights gained from past project data can be used to guide future estimations and cost tracking. This helps save expenses, prevent potential costs and reduce hidden costs.

Maximize Work-Life-Balance

Our app automatically tracks clock-in-clock-out hours, productivity hours, and burn out to ensure that everyone’s time is being recorded with clarity. This ensures maximum work-life balance along with time theft accountability.